The Legend of the Monk and the Merchant – By Terry Felber (Foreword by Dave Ramsey)

“The Legend of the Monk and the Merchant” by Terry Felber is an inspiring book with good insights for successful living. It changes the way you see yourself, your job and your purpose in life. The story of the monk and the merchant was set in Rome during the Renaissance is full of sixteenth century adventure and real world truth. Terry Felber is an author and an entrepreneur who speaks to audiences around the world about principles for successful living.

This book has a foreword and is very highly recommended by Dave Ramsey, who is an American’s trusted voice on money and business. Dave’s shows and writings strongly focus on encouraging people to get out of debt. He has authored many books and some of them are New York Times bestselling books, including his recent book “EntreLeadership”.

This book by Terry Felber is primarily focused on a person’s spiritual and work life. As Dave Ramsey writes in his foreword, we are not called to separate our spiritual life from our work life and we are not called to divide our Sunday morning worship from our Monday morning staff meetings. God is in both, and He blesses both.

The book was written in a mentoring through narration style between a grandfather, Antonio and his grandson Julio. The author Terry Felber presents twelve principles or keys to successful living as being narrated and explained by Antonio to his grandson Julio. The book presents that these principles were passed on to Antonio from his mentor whose name is Alessio a merchant through various interactions between both of them.

The twelve keys to successful living are listed below.  They were written from a Biblical perspective with a multitude of scripture references and illustrations from the Holy Bible.

  1. Work Hard and God will prosper you.
  2. Financial Prosperity is often connected to soul prosperity.
  3. A man must do whatever he can to provide for his family.
  4. Trials develop your character preparing you for increased blessings.
  5. Take responsibility for problems that are the result of your own bad decisions. Don’t displace the blame.
  6. See challenges as stepping stones, not as obstacles.
  7. Be meek before God but bold before men.
  8. Live debt-free and below your means.
  9. Always keep to your budget.
  10. Loaning money destroys relationships.
  11. Set aside the first 10 percent to honor God.
  12. Understand the power of partnership.

There is an extensive study guide presented in this book which is suitable for individuals or small groups. It is divided into twelve sections. Each section contains material that expands on a particular theme from this book and also includes biblical support and ends with a series of questions.

This book will change the way you see yourself, your job and your purpose in life and will open the reader’s eyes to see the opportunities for service and leadership in their daily lives. I strongly recommend this book.

Thomas Nelson Publishers provided me with a complimentary copy of “The Legend of the Monk and the Merchant” by Terry Felber to review. Opinions expressed are my own and not those of Thomas Nelson.

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