All Pro Dad: Seven Essentials to Be a Hero to Your Kids – By Mark Merrill (Foreword by Tony Dungy)

All Pro Dads are All Pro Dads “not because they do anything extraordinarily but because they do the ordinary things better than anyone else.”

The book “All Pro Dad: Seven Essentials to Be a Hero to Your Kids” by Mark Merrill is a wonderful book with solid truths and insights for Dad’s. Mark lays out a game plan built on 7 essential fathering truths and insights that could make a huge in difference in your family life. The foreword for this book was written by Tony Dungy , the super bowl winning head coach and NBC sports commentator and Tony introduces the readers to the two fundamentals principles presented in this  book which are “Love” and “Leadership.”

Would you like to be a hero to your children or a life coach for your teenager or a husband on whom your wife could count on? If so this book is for you as it lays a foundation to  accomplish that.  This book will equip and inspire you to become a champion dad and a hero to your children.

In the first chapter Mark presents the “Fatherhood Fundamentals” which are “Love” and “Leadership”. He writes that objects are not capable of receiving or giving love; only people are. If we attempt to love things more often than not, we will use people and end up in shallow relationships and meaningless stuff and no one to share it with. But if we love people and use things for the intended purpose, we will have rich relationships and lasting joy in life. Jim Caldwell former head coach of the Indianapolis Colts believes that home is an incubator of leadership. He quotes “Leadership is first developed in the home”.

Men who really want to be the best that is to be All Prod Dad’s” must – study, watch, practice and ultimately execute the fundamentals of fatherhood  which are love and leadership – with great purpose and perseverance.

Mark presented these 7 M’s to effectively execute the those fundamentals that every father must know which are Makeup, Mindset, Motive, Method, Model, Message and Master.

The First M – Know Your Makeup (Who Am I?)  Mark writes about the All Pro Dads identity. In this chapter he discusses about the Image versus Identity. He also writes about validating your child’s identity, validating your child’s gifts and presents ways on how to validate your child and spouses identity and gifts.

The Second M – Know Your Mindset  (What’s My Purpose?) Mark writes about the All Pro Dads mission and goals. He presents and discusses the job description for the “CEO of the Family” which includes Loving your wife, Spending time with your kids, Being a Role Model, Understanding and enjoying your children, Eating together as a family, Praying and worshipping together to name a few.

The Third M – Know Your Motive (Why do I do what I do?) In this chapter Mark discusses about leading your heart , checking and guarding your heart. He also discusses about the three phases of growth from selfish to selfless motives.

The Fourth M – Know your Method (How Can I Better Love My Family) Mark writes “If you are married, the most important thing you can do for your children is to have a healthy marriage”. He shares several truths about marriage like “Your spouse is not your enemy”, “Your spouse is on your team”, “You must love your unlovable spouse”. [Mark used some good humor in this chapter and all through the book too and you must read the book to get a good laugh]. He writes “Before marriage opposites attract; after marriage opposites attack?”  He also writes about building memorable moments with your children.

The Fifth M – Know You’re A Model (What Should I Model To My Children?) In this chapter Mark discusses about consistency being the key in fathering. He also lays out the concept of understanding the principle of Sowing and Reaping and  discusses about the “Flight Plan for the Model Father”.

The Sixth M – Know Your Message (What Do I Need to Share With Others?) In this section Mark talks about the pains that we all go through in life. The main thing is – what will we do with that pain? He writes that your scars can be used for good. It can be your message of hope to others. Your pain handled correctly, can turn into your passion and your message to the world. He demonstrates with various illustrations on how we can turn our pain into passion and that passion into our message to love others.

The Seventh M – Know Your Master (Who or What Am I Living For?) Mark shows that whether we know it or not we have a master. Mark writes about his search for the answer. He discusses about his quest for evidence about ” Is there a Creator?” He quotes that “Everything that has a beginning has a beginner. The universe had a beginning therefore it had a Beginner”. He discusses about the five pieces of evidences and the verdict.

Mark presented some very nice illustrations, examples and quotations all across the book. In conclusion when you know the 7 M’s and execute the fundamentals of love and leadership with humility and fierce resolve you will leave behind a well marked trial – a legacy – for your children, grandchildren and future generations for follow.  The Buccaneers General Manager Mark Dominik affirms Tony Dungy’s thinking “Being a dad is my most important job because it not only affects my children, but their children and many generations to come.”

Mark shared thoughts, quotes and stories from some wonderful  people like Tony Dungy, , the super bowl winning head coach and NBC sports commentator, Truett Cathy, founder of Chick-fil-A, Jeb Bush,  former governor of Florida and businessman and Grammy award winning recording artist Michael W. Smith to name a few.

This is a wonderful book with well written truths and insights. This kind of books and insights are much needed in this fast paced world. Mark presents these things very honestly like he is talking to you face to face. Based on reading this book I understand that Mark is a man of integrity and he thinks and acts the same which makes the reader feel comfortable while reading this book.

Mark ends the book with the question “Will You leave a legacy? What will yours be?

I strongly recommend this book and give it a Five Star Rating.

Thomas Nelson Publishers provided me with a complimentary copy of “All Pro Dad: Seven Essentials to Be a Hero to Your Kids” By Mark Merrill to review. Opinions expressed are my own and not those of Thomas Nelson.

I review for BookSneeze®


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