Max on Life – Max Lucado

In his new book “Max on Life”, Max Lucado compiled different questions that we all face at some point in our everyday life and tries to help us using the only book that has all the answers, “The Bible”. We are all in different stages and going through different phases in life. We face many questions and doubts along the way in every choice and decision we make and we all need to know what God has to say about our problems. In this book, we find guidance and answers to the basic as well as the complicated questions of life.

This book is divided into seven sections and each section has about 25-30 questions.

The first section “HOPE”, deals with questions that give hope to people who are going through different changes in life and to people who doubt if they are really forgiven for their past sins. It also deals with issues like poverty, Gods plan for our lives etc.

In the section titled “HURT”, Max answers questions related to the hurt we all feel physically, emotionally and spiritually. He gives us encouraging words from the Bible and reminds us how “God uses our struggles to build character “and how “today’s trial leads to tomorrow’s maturity”.

The section “HELP”, has questions about Prayer and if praying really helps and how to pray in different situations and the purpose of worship. It also helps us understand how to react in different situations at our work place, with friends and in church etc.

The section HIM/HER deals with questions related to marriage and different issues between spouses from supporting and encouraging each other and being committed to each other in every stage of life. It also answers questions related to finances, intimate relationships, premarital sex, adultery, and divorce from the Biblical perspective.

The section “HOME” deals with family, kids and our priorities. It deals with disciplining our kids, talking to them about sex, influence of media, worrying about them, praying for their salvation. Max reminds us that “When it comes to kids and family, it is a lot easier to make money than to make up lost time”.

The “HAVES/HAVE-NOTS” section deals with our jobs and how to praise God through our jobs and how to perform our jobs with integrity. In this economy where nothing is certain about our jobs, we get assurance that God does not leave us and that He always has something new for us like new opportunities, new destinations and new chances to show our faith in Him.

The last section “HEREAFTER” has questions regarding Heaven and hell. It gives us guidance on how to be ready for Jesus and how we need to be patiently vigilant as we look forward to that day. Max reminds us that while we need to be civil, respectful and kind to people of other religions, we should never accept that all religions lead to God because the religions of the world are inherently different and Jesus is the ONLY way to heaven.

This is a good book with Bible based answers and insights to the most important questions that we face everyday. This book can be a good resource for any individual as they go through various stages of life. I strongly recommend this book.

Thomas Nelson Publishers provided me with a complimentary copy of “Max On Life” by Max Lucado to review. Opinions expressed are my own and not those of Thomas Nelson.

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