Outlive Your Life – You were made to make a difference – Max Lucado

I am very impressed by this book titled “Outlive Your Life – You were made to make a difference” by Max Lucado.

This is an excellent book that challenges us in many ways. Once I started reading it, it was hard to put it down. The author talks about not just being “Christians” but how to be “Authentic Christians” and how we can make a difference in this world we live in. The author takes the readers on a journey through the 16 chapters in this book with a realistic approach and mentioning various characters and versus from the Bible. Every chapter starts and ends with a Bible verse and with a prayer at the end of each chapter.

In this book he talks about “Our Once-in-History Opportunity”. By the time we know what to call it we are neck deep in it. You’d toddler-walked and talked, smelled crayons and swung bats, gurgled and giggled you way out of diapers and into childhood.

Complete with summers and songs and grey skies and tears, you have a life. Didn’t request one but you have one. A first day. A final day. And a few thousand in between. You have been given an honest-to-goodness human life. You have been given your life. No one else has your version. You will never bump into yourself on the sidewalk. You will never meet anyone who has your exact blend of lineage, loves and longings. Your life will never be lived by anyone else. Life is racing by, and if are not careful, you and I will lookup, and our shot at it will have passed us by. Some people don’t bother with such thoughts. They grind through their days without lifting their eyes to look. They live and die and never ask why.

But you are not numbered among them, or you wouldn’t be holding a book entitled “Outlive Your Life”. It’s not enough for you to do well. You want to do good. You want your life to matter. You want to live in such a way that the world will be glad you did. We are created by a great God to do great works. He invites us to outlive our lives, not just in heaven but here on earth.

Max puts it this way. “God doesn’t call the qualified. He qualifies the called.” How true!

This book challenges our everyday living on how we can make a difference in other people’s lives. We complain about the lady who forgot to put the pickle in our hamburger in the fast food drive through but in reality people are suffering daily to make a living and to feed themselves and their family one meal a day. Change begins with a genuine look and continues with a helping hand.

We are given an opportunity in this world to make a difference and this is what Max Lucado talks about in his book “Outlive your life-You were made to make a difference.”

There is a discussion and action guide towards the end of the book for each chapter with questions for discussion and ideas for action. This will be a good resource for a group study.

I strongly recommend this book and I give it a five star rating.

Thomas Nelson Publishers provided me with a complimentary copy of “Outlive Your Life-You were made to make a difference” by Max Lucado to review. Opinions expressed are my own and not those of Thomas Nelson.

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  1. Thanks for the review. I just started reading this book with my family. Max is one of my favorite authors, looking forward to some encouragment and inspiration.

  2. You are Welcome Anil. I just came across your comment. Thanks for taking time to read my book review. It's a Great book. Hope your study of this book went well…

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